WealthSmyth Capabilities for World Financial Group Agents

WealthSmyth Capabilities and Features

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The WealthSmyth Early Access Program is an invitation-only, paid preview that will roll out to an initial wave of 50 World Financial Group (WFG) base shops and over 1,000 agents. As we bring WealthSmyth to more WFG base shops, we’ll continue to rely on feedback from SMDs and their teams to shape the future of this agent-first tool.

Built on Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Cloud, WealthSmyth is built for remote base shop collaboration and shared data at the massive scale necessary to help WFG agents serve millions of families while reducing agent costs and magnifying productivity.

Simplify team collaboration and boost productivity

1. Business Class Email: Professional Communication with the WealthSmyth Domain or custom domains for large WFG field organizations.

A dedicated domain not only enhances an agent’s professional image but also ensures reliable communication. It streamlines client interactions and provides a centralized platform for all email and calendar-related tasks. Here are some examples of tasks you can accomplish with Business Class Email in WealthSmyth:

  • Communicate with team members from a trusted, compliant domain.
  • Enhance brand credibility when reaching out to potential clients or partners.
  • Reinforce commitment to quality service with a professional branding in email correspondence.
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2. Personal and Team Calendars: Unified Scheduling for Teams and Individuals

A consolidated calendar system ensures efficient time management and coordination among team members. It reduces scheduling conflicts and ensures timely follow-ups with clients.

  • Coordinate team meetings and training sessions without overlaps.
  • Set reminders for policy renewals or client check-ins.
  • Share availability with clients for seamless appointment booking.
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3. Virtual Meetings: Remote Conferencing for Global Accessibility

The ability to conduct virtual meetings breaks geographical barriers, allowing agents to cater to a wider client base. It also offers flexibility, reducing the need for physical presence and travel.

  • Conduct policy briefings with clients from different locations.
  • Host team training sessions without the need for a physical venue.
  • Engage in one-on-one client consultations, offering personalized service from anywhere.

4. Team Chat: Collaborative Conversations Made Easy

A dedicated chat platform fosters real-time collaboration, ensuring that agents can share insights, documents, and feedback instantly. It enhances team cohesion and ensures that everyone stays on the same page.

  • Discuss client cases and share relevant documents in real-time.
  • Seek instant feedback on policy terms or client queries.
  • Foster team bonding with dedicated chat rooms for casual conversations.
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5. Scheduling: Streamlined Appointments and Client Reviews

Automated scheduling tools reduce the back-and-forth often associated with booking appointments. It enhances client experience by offering them the convenience of choosing slots based on agent availability.

  • Allow clients to book policy review sessions at their convenience.
  • Schedule team interviews or training sessions without manual coordination.
  • Set automated reminders for upcoming appointments or tasks.
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Effortlessly manage your underwriting pipeline and in-force policies. Automate calculations for commissions, splits, and overrides.

1. Underwriting: Efficient Tracking of Production and Payouts

Automated underwriting tools reduce errors, ensuring accurate policy terms and timely commission payouts. They offer real-time insights, allowing agents to monitor their performance and make data-driven decisions.

  • Track individual and team underwriting applications for timely processing.
  • Monitor commission payouts, ensuring transparency and accuracy.
  • Gain insights into policy approval rates and areas of improvement.

2. Onboarding: Accelerated Integration for New Recruits

A streamlined onboarding process ensures that new recruits are quickly integrated into the team. With the right tools, they can start contributing faster, leading to increased growth and productivity.

  • Provide new recruits with training materials and resources for a quick start.
  • Monitor their progress, ensuring they achieve their initial milestones.
  • Offer them tools to quickly transition from prospects to net recruits.

3. Recruiting: Optimized Growth of Your Base Shop

Effective recruiting tools allow agents to expand their base shop efficiently. By tracking the effectiveness of recruiting efforts, agents can refine their strategies and ensure consistent growth.

  • Monitor the success rate of different recruiting campaigns.
  • Gain insights into the most effective channels for recruitment.
  • Track the growth of the base shop over time, setting and achieving targets.



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