Chief Revenue Officer (Interim)

Who is SalesSmyth?  

SalesSmyth is a company on a mission. We partner with technical sales and marketing teams to create predictable revenue for startups and digital platform giants like Microsoft.  We are experts at building high functioning revenue programs that help organizations exceed sales objectives, strengthen valuations, and scale up. We are passionate about software developers, emerging technologies and client success.  Our culture is casual and high-energy; we work hard and we play even harder.  We value pragmatism, efficiency, and BIG audacious goals.   We love helping people change the world with brilliant technology; it’s as simple as that.

Job Description

SalesSmyth is hiring for several Chief Revenue Officers in North America and Western Europe for fractional,  interim opportunities with our portfolio companies.  Interim CROs are proven operators who provide immediate hands-on sales leadership for new businesses, underperforming business or businesses in transition.  Interim CROs provide stability, structure, and strategic leadership for our clients’ sales organizations, working as a member of our clients’ executive leadership teams, typically reporting directly to the CEO. They often pair up with a SalesSmyth Growth Architect to analyze overall revenue program effectiveness, identify gaps and opportunities for growth, and create predictable  revenue at scale using the SalesSmyth Revenue Program Blueprints.  They are responsible for running businesses while training and transitioning new leaders as a permanent head of sales.  Engagements do not end with the hiring of the permanent leaders; instead, CRO work scales back to focus on executive coaching and mentorship.


  • Sales Leadership. Combined 15+ years of sales leadership experience in an enterprise software business (Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, Amazon, SAP) and Series B or higher startups.
  • Domain Expertise: 5+ years working with products and technologies for developers (e.g. software engineering platforms, devops solutions, data or security technologies)
  • Practice Builder. We are hiring company builders who can bring client relationships and are an attractor of top talent.
  • Excellent Communication. Excellent written and oral communication skills at the senior executive and board of directors level.

About Us

We created SalesSmyth because we knew there had to be a better way to build distribution organizations for technical businesses.  We’re sales and marketing leaders, so we’ve seen firsthand the effects of building a team or program by the seat of your pants: higher burn rates, lower valuations, and less control over the future of your company.  So we ask ourselves the question that drives us, “What can we do to help technical entrepreneurs build high performing revenue programs that lead to explosive growth?”  We are on a mission to deliver torrents of revenue by designing, training, and equipping technical distribution teams to do their very best work.

SalesSmyth is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



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