Business applications and CRM giant builds value by capturing market share

Leveraging a competitive revenue program, this Top 100 global brand redefines its Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy to not just grow, but to outcompete and capture significant market share.


Our client, a multinational B2B software giant, faced a pivotal challenge: outperforming its primary competitor to grow faster than the market. Operating in a complex, decentralized global sales environment, the company struggled to align its market strategy with go-to-market execution.

The need for a comprehensive revenue program transformation was evident. The company called on SalesSmyth to help re-architect its revenue program framework that would optimize value propositions, marketing investments and equip field sellers with a differentiated sales approach, aiming to accelerate growth.


SalesSmyth initiated its engagement by diving deep into the client’s customer experience landscape and sales environment. Collaborating closely with the client’s cross-functional group of executives and employees, the SalesSmyth team conducted a thorough assessment across 50+ stakeholders and 11 distinct customer touchpoints. Utilizing our proprietary Revenue Program Methodology and Buyer Optics tool, we mapped out the buyer’s journey, analyzed customer intelligence and intent data, and evaluated the requirements of sellers at each customer interaction point. We identified three core elements that were inhibiting the client’s competitiveness and affecting customer purchase decisions: the brand’s strength among business professionals and the level of “commitment” it communicated.

The research led to an important insight: business application buyers are in search of comprehensive, one-stop services—and they want them fast. This crystallized the course of action: to unify all sales and marketing activities under a single, competitive playbook and to reposition the brand through a globally consistent, differentiated value proposition targeted at business leaders. The campaign launched in 64 countries, included new messaging and materials, internal and external events, and a competitive playbook to familiarize employees with the key elements of the growth strategy.


Soon after adopting the new revenue program and rolling the compete playbook out to enterprise sales and marketing teams, the client experienced noticeable gains in customer engagement and brand credibility among business leaders. The new, globally consistent value proposition, strengthened by new generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, began to resonate. A data-driven approach to account-based marketing (ABM) and sales with a tiered approach to customer engagement, yielded more precise targeting and timely insight, ultimately decreasing the cost of sales and sales cycle time. Importantly, the client’s sales team became more effective in head-to-head competitions, armed with a cohesive strategy and targeted value propositions. While the journey toward market leadership is ongoing, early indicators point to a positive shift in both market share, customer sentiment, and sales effectiveness in competitive situations.



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