How We Do It

Here’s what you can expect from our team:

Initial Consultation

  • Meet with one of our Growth Architects
  • Discuss your goals and go-to-market challenges
  • Define a SalesSmyth engagement charter and timeline

Analyze and Hypothesize

  • Get to know your culture, your managers, and how you work
  • Meet specialists from our Executive Network as needed
  • Analyze the factors that impact your performance
  • Learn your products, customers, and differentiated value props
  • Summarize strategic and tactical issues inhibiting success
  • Identify messaging, product and marketing material gaps
  • Recommend sales plays needed to consistently win

Agile Validation

  • Create and roll out MVP sales plays to begin lead generation
  • Coach, manage, and assist your sales team to build the pipeline
  • Warm market development support via customer and partner feedback network
  • Observe, measure, and improve outreach approach
  • Recommend operational and enablement improvements

Operationalize and Scale

  • Formalize your sales plays in a custom Sales Playbook
  • Optimize your sales process, customer segments and territories
  • Implement CRM tools as a force multiplier of your team's efforts
  • Implement reporting dashboards for sales managers
  • Collaborate with marketing to create messaging, materials, and training