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Grow your WFG Base Shop with WealthSmyth.

Meet, chat, collaborate, and track underwriting with easy-to-use software built for World Financial Group agents.

wfg baseshop, wfg mastermind group

Business software made for WFG agents

Easily communicate with recruits, clients, and team members. Track base shop production performance from a single cloud platform that puts apps and people in one place.

WFG agents


Simplify collaboration with Web and mobile versions of Microsoft Office 365 and underwriting apps built for WFG agents. Calculate commissions, splits and overrides automatically.

WFG base shop mastermind group

Onboarding and Training

Simplify onboarding with help from experts to set up your Mastermind, move your data, and train your team so you can maximize our cloud service from day one.

Does Your Base Shop Have Blind Spots?

Easily keep track of your personal and team productivity and commissions with an easy to use Excel add-in for WFG base shops that makes sharing data easy.

Easy-to-Use Spreadsheets Built for Sharing Data

  • Underwriting
  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding

Hate Math but Love Counting Money?

Manage your base shop underwriting applications and in-force policies like a pro. Calculate commissions, splits and overrides automatically. Keep an eye on productivity and new agent onboarding.

Base Shop Tools and Dashboards

  • Underwriting
  • Onboarding
  • Recruiting

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Simplify team collaboration and boost your productivity with Web and mobile versions of Microsoft Office 365 customized for WFG base shops.

Simplify Base Shop Collaboration

  • Business-Class Email
  • Personal and Team Calendars
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Team Chat
  • Scheduling
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mastermind groups, wfg
wfg, mastermind group
wfg, mastermind group



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