Up Market Program

Going up market? Sell bigger deals with longer-term contracts by equipping your sales force with a Challenger-based sales approach supported by MEDDIC-based opportunity management process.

Part 1 - Sales Enablement
1) Create messages that resonate with business and technical executives.
2) Design a scripted pitch deck and solution proposal template.
3) Certify your teams on your sales pitch.

Part 2 - Sales Management
4) Design a repeatable opportunity management process mapped to your customer's buying journey.
5) Train your managers and teams on the MEDDIC qualification methodology for complex sales.
6) Train your teams on core solution selling concepts modernized with Challenger’s commercial teaching style.

Deliverables: Scripted Enterprise Pitch Deck, Enterprise Proposal Template, Enterprise Opportunity Management Process
Training: MEDDIC Training, Pitch Certification Training, Solution Sales Training



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